Shooting Up Las Vegas Was Self-Defense

If society is “tyrannical,” in that it forces its members (whether by economic means or otherwise) to choose between economic slavery and homelessness, or if this society admits it has ways for its citizens to “fall between the cracks,” then clearly the Las Vegas shooting could arguably have been self-defense. Allowing citizens to “fall between the cracks,” regardless to their willingness to participate in society, is tantamount to having tyranny, even if it only happens to a “small percentage” of its members.

When people participate in an oppressive system, they forfeit their right for protection from the oppressed individual. This argument needs to be considered in order to prevent tyranny.

About David K. Smith

David K. Smith is the artist behind DKS Media Solutions, a freelance multimedia firm based in Downtown Los Angeles. He focuses on creating images of the passion inherent in the world and its people.
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